I am a researcher at the ISI Foundation. My interests are nonlinear dynamics and stochastic processes on top of complex networks and structured populations. More specifically, I am focusing on epidemic and rumor spreading in single and multilayer systems. Additionally, I am concerned about the structural characterization of multilayer networks, mainly through spectral theory. Recently, I am also involved in the study of higher-order interactions and hypergraphs, both from the structural and dynamics viewpoints. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Complex networks
  • Multilayer networks
  • Hypergraphs
  • Higher-order structures
  • Spreading processes
  • Stochastic process
  • Non-linear dynamics
  • Network spectra


  • Ph.D in Computer Science and applied Mathematics, 2017

    ICMC - Universidade de São Paulo

  • MsC in Computer Science and applied Mathematics, 2013

    ICMC - Universidade de São Paulo

  • Specialization in Digital Systems, 2011

    EESC - Universidade de São Paulo

  • Specialization in Control Theory, 2011

    EESC - Universidade de São Paulo

  • Electrical engineering, 2011

    EESC - Universidade de São Paulo

Recent Publications

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Data-driven contact structures: from homogeneous mixing to multilayer networks

The modeling of the spreading of communicable diseases has experienced significant advances in the last two decades or so. This has …

Phase transitions and stability of dynamical processes on hypergraphs

Hypergraphs naturally represent higher-order interactions, which persistently appear from social interactions to neural networks and …

Universality of eigenvector delocalization and the nature of the SIS phase transition in multiplex networks

Universal spectral properties of multiplex networks allow us to assess the nature of the transition between disease-free and endemic …

Social contagion models on hypergraphs

Our understanding of the dynamics of complex networked systems has increased significantly in the last two decades. However, most of …

Comparison of Different Spike Train Synchrony Measures Regarding Their Robustness to Erroneous Data From Bicuculline-Induced Epileptiform Activity

As synchronized activity is associated with basic brain functions and pathological states, spike train synchrony has become an …

Evolutionary Dynamics of Higher-Order Interactions

We live and cooperate in networks. However, links in networks only allow for pairwise interactions, thus making the framework suitable …

Impact of the distribution of recovery rates on disease spreading in complex networks

We study a general epidemic model with arbitrary recovery rate distributions. This simple deviation from the standard setup is …

Layer degradation triggers an abrupt structural transition in multiplex networks

Network robustness is a central point in network science, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. In this paper, we show …

A polynomial eigenvalue approach for multiplex networks

We explore the block nature of the matrix representation of multiplex networks, introducing a new formalism to deal with its spectral …

Fundamentals of spreading processes in single and multilayer complex networks

Spreading processes have been largely studied in the literature, both analytically and by means of large-scale numerical simulations. …

Multiplex Networks: Basic Formalism and Structural Properties

This book provides the basis of a formal language and explores its possibilities in the characterization of multiplex networks. Armed …

A General Markov Chain Approach for Disease and Rumor Spreading in Complex Networks

Spreading processes are ubiquitous in natural and artificial systems. They can be studied via a plethora of models, depending on the …

Scaling Properties of Multilayer Random Networks

Multilayer networks are widespread in natural and manmade systems. Key properties of these networks are their spectral and …

Disease Localization in Multilayer Networks

We present a continuous formulation of epidemic spreading on multilayer networks using a tensorial representation, extending the models …

Diluted banded random matrices: Scaling behavior of eigenfunction and spectral properties

We demonstrate that the normalised localization length $\beta$ of the eigenfunctions of diluted (sparse) banded random matrices follows …